brexitimage.jpgIn recent weeks we have experienced a significant amount of turmoil in the UK economy, and the political landscape seems to be moving even faster. So it comes as no surprise that there lies a degree of uncertainty in the medium and long-term economic climate. But without a crystal ball, anticipating the impact of any economic change is no easy feat.

The UK government have some difficult decisions ahead. Many of these may will affect confidence in the market; making it increasingly important for B2B organisations to have a short to medium term sales pipeline of high quality sales opportunities.

In recent years we have experienced a number of drastic changes in the market – the banking crisis and austerity measures – which have resulted in detrimental consequences. In both the private and public sectors, business improvement budgets were reduced in favour of cost cutting or efficiency improvement projects.  Going forward despite potential budget cuts organisations will still have to implement transformation projects in order to maintain a trajectory of continuous business growth and ensure success in a turbulent market.

My personal opinion of the Brexit vote was certainly to remain. Sure, the EU project has its faults, but, being part of a bigger club certainly makes more sense for INCo, who works with many clients throughout EMEA and whose success depends of the contributions of our multi-national workforce.

INCo is an agile business and we will be keeping a close eye on the “deal making” process brokered by our new Prime Minister, to ensure that we continue to deliver the highest quality Direct and Digital Marketing and B2B lead generation services to our international client base.

Keeping the above in mind, and considering the size of INCo’s business, I believe that the current period will create multiple opportunities for our clients to engage in the transformational projects that Brexit will uncover. It is without doubt that there will be opportunities for our management consulting and professional services clients, and the changing landscape is continually supported by new and innovative IT and technology. The IT industry has always been at the forefront of change, and as such IT leaders must identify the changing business needs which new operating models require, aligning their solution offerings to support this.

The implications of Brexit are hard to predict but as business leaders, we need to manage this journey of transformational change. It is my belief that Brexit will absolutely throw up challenges over the coming few years, but that these challenges will also create new opportunities, which we must meet with different strategies and approaches. As with the previous periods of uncertainty, it would be reckless to believe that everything will be straight forward but success will come to those who align with the needs of their clients, investing time and money into getting in front of their buying markets.

Thinking about your strategy post-Brexit vote?

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