Domas_KubiliusCampaign Manager graduate recruit Domas Kubilius reflects on his experience at INCo;

Approaching the final months of university, much careful consideration was applied to not only successfully gaining my degree - but also cementing the next steps in my career path.

 It was at this stage I began searching for a graduate position at which point I uncovered a fast paced, continually growing organisation called INCo! I instantly understood that this could potentially be my chance to work for a company that’s at the heart of an exciting marketing industry, and to be part of the team that works with the leading players in the IT & Consultancy space, such as Cisco, NetApp, PwC, and Deloitte – I was completely sold!

After a two stage interview with INCo’s Operation Managers and company’s Chairman, I was ecstatic to be offered the role as a Graduate Campaign Manager for INCo, and successfully joined the business as of the 20th of July 2015.

The initial days were devoted to finding out how INCo operates as a business; its organisational structure, and beginning to understand the processes. Starting from the basics surrounding business development & lead generation processes I was swiftly introduced to various departments within the organisation. One thing that really stood out was how the training sessions were organised, which were always on-time and carefully structured beforehand. Just 3 days into the training, we were already well rehearsed on lead generation processes, and understanding the requirement of this within the IT & consultancy space.

I really began to fully emerge myself into my new role once I was assigned to shadow an experienced campaign manager, which began to give me hands-on experience on my day-to-day role moving forward. In the first days of the shadowing everything seemed to be going too fast and there was so much happening all at once; it was impressive to witness the existing campaign managers were coping with its so seamlessly! The training also involved grasping all the admin processes both internal and external, which looked complicated at first but were really just good learning experience.

Since then, I have participated in numerous client calls, feedback sessions & reporting activities - and the setting up of my very own campaigns! What really impressed me was the level of personnel that INCo works with on a daily basis. The client campaigns are usually managed by Heads of Marketing/Sales or Directors which provides an excellent opportunity for networking and creating lasting relationship across the IT/Consulting industry.

Variety and new experiences are a daily part of life at INCo, and my day to day role ranges from designing new email marketing campaigns, to daily meetings with newly acquired clients.

Just last week, I have taken on my first campaign set-up/management for the client operating in the Big Data analytics field with revenue worldwide exceeding £5bn. After thoroughly researching the client’s industry I have led my first take-on conference call and started the set-up process.

The culture of continuous development that INCO is encouraging is something I will be striving towards, and the daily meetings with the full campaign manager’s team, and friendliness across the entire business is really benefiting my learning journey. What a great environment!

As I look to develop my career further, I am particularly grateful to have been paired with Campaign Manager, Claire McNee, as my mentor. Side by side mentoring from Claire, who has over 11 years of experience, has been invaluable in offering advice, and sharing her wealth of experience in the industry with me.

The coming months ahead are guaranteed to be as fast paced and diverse, with plenty more new things to absorb and perfect. No doubt there will be many more challenges, opportunities, and deadlines to keep me busy & learning!