Here at INCo our Business Development Consultants are highly trained before they make a single call to a prospect and we very much buy in to the concept of warm content and knowledge led calling. As our CEO Neil Ritchie said in his most recent blog post “people still buy from people” and this is a core value held by INCo in delivering either an Inbound or Outbound campaign or indeed one that integrates both.

We encourage our consultants to listen first. Find out the prospects current problems and listen carefully, to ensure you can provide the most specific and appropriate solutions from the client’s offering. You can read more about our take on having a calling structure rather than a script in our post “Ditch the Telemarketing Scripts and Watch Your Sales Pipeline Grow.” 

So, in an age where research and personalisation are key elements to successfully converting or closing opportunities in lead generation campaigns we’ve discovered a handy infographic from AG Salesworks that provides top tips for communicating with prospects in the new inbound marketplace.


If you'd like to read more about INCo's approach to Business Development calling or need help structuring your own inside sales calls, download our free checklist.

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