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The drive to reach year end sales and revenue targets is one that continuously gathers momentum in the lead up to year end - a finish line that varies from company to company. But for all of us the first day back in January is a day that comes all too quickly and can pass all too slowly.

Often that day is spent unclogging overflowing inboxes and rounding off any lingering tasks while gathering the motivation to get started on the inevitable January to-do list, before getting launched right back into the thick of it… Driving home a year end result or kicking off the financial year with an effective B2B lead generation campaign.

Designing, creating and delivering B2B lead generation campaigns that contribute successfully to the continued growth of the sales pipeline is a new year’s resolution that will undoubtedly be a main focus of many January planning sessions.  Being the season of change, the enthusiasm and desire for success runs high; new ideas, techniques, goals and tactics are often brought to the table in their abundance.

However, we all know that making a resolution and making it stick are vastly different. A successful B2B lead generation campaign requires attention that outlasts January; but it also doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel.

At INCo, we are very familiar with the burst of enthusiasm that accompanies the first few weeks of the year, but we have learned that when it comes to creating and delivering a successful direct and digital lead generation campaign there are a number of campaign components that are invaluable year after year in the contribution to a healthy sales pipeline – at any point of the fiscal year.

Buyer personas, SMART goals and a healthy Smarketing relationship all contribute to a campaign that resonates with your ideal customers and generates high quality leads. While targeted messaging; integrated social media marketing, BASHO emails and blogging are all essential tactics which can be utilised to attract, convert and delight your potential customers.  

Building a strategy upon a strong foundation of our tried and tested tips and techniques, results in a campaign that can continually generate leads of the desired quality; making your motivations outlast January and your resolutions stick. For each of our clients the desire to kick-off 2017 with a strong campaign is universal and as such, we have compiled that thirteen most powerful lead generation tips and techniques into a handy infographic and accompanying guide.  

The Most Powerful Lead Generation Tips and Techniques for 2017

Would you like to learn more about how to run a successful B2B Lead Generation Campaign?
Checkout our Infographic for the 13 most powerful lead generation tips and techniques for 2017

  Check out our Infographic