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A New Frontier in Lead Generation                         Inbound + Outbound = Real Business Growth.

November 2015

Inbound & Outbound marketing strategy INCo

Today I have spent the majority of my time in client meetings with the INCo team. We met with two management consulting clients and one potential new Cyber Security IT client.

One thing is common…there is a real desire for all of these firms to get out in front of their buying market.

The economic climate is continuing to warm, and the confidence of buyers has absolutely returned. This is great news for everyone as the growth curve continues upwards and to the right!

That said, the streets are not paved with gold and it is evident that the buyers and decision makers of the prosperous early naughties have been replaced with decision making units, and procurement departments playing a much stronger role in six figure plus cap-ex investments. With this in mind really understanding your prospective customer and all of the stages on their buying journey is a critical component in planning how best to engage with them.

As we move further into the age of technology it has become apparent that what our clients need from us is changing, it is no longer enough to provide a front end traditional business development service.

We have entered a new frontier of marketing, where our traditional outbound lead generation services will be supported by inbound services, including social marketing, blogging e-lead nurturing, predictive lead scoring, web development and online analytics. The reason for this shift is simple – information – these days decision makers in  businesses have a hundred and one options at their fingertips, and they have the ability to see for themselves which companies are providing the best service for them.

INCo has recognised the requirement to engage more fully with our clients’ marketplace, and to assist in unifying all the marketing channels INCo has become a certified HubSpot partner. The HubSpot Inbound methodology mirrors INCo’s content and knowledge led business development approach, engaging with prospects helping them understand the solution to their challenges, and ultimately working with them in a high value sales cycle to turn them into delighted customers.

According to a survey conducted by Hubspot 93% of companies using inbound marketing have seen an increase in their traffic, and in 40% of cases this increase is by 75% or more. 

Imagine what you could achieve if every time a known prospect came onto your website seeking more information about how you could help them, a knowledgeable Inside Sales Specialist received an alert detailing what they were interested in and professionally called them in a helpful, knowledgeable manner. --- Now You Can with INCo + HubSpot.

Inbound + Outbound marketing = Real Business Growth!

Part of the service we offer our clients is to develop and define their marketing strategy in order to ensure the most effective campaign possible, and a large part of that now is what we call the Campaign Engagement Calendar which includes:

  • Buyer Persona Development
  • Blogging
  • E-Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Business Development Calling / Inside Sales & Appointment Setting
  • Analytics / Campaign Review

With this wider range of services INCo can provide its clients more ways to engage with their target market, assist in positioning their brand and solutions or services as the “Go-To” thought leaders, help the prospect engage and ultimately invest in the solution to their challenges.

Our clients have asked us to assist them in unifying their online and inside sales business development strategies, assist them optimise both and execute them to ensure we get them in front of their buying market.

And this is exactly what we have done, Inbound + Outbound Marketing = real business growth.

There will never be a substitute for getting in front of a prospect or an existing client to understand what their REAL challenge is, in order to convince them that you can help them, however getting to that meeting is becoming harder and harder. To secure time with senior business people who have significant budgets to spend on IT and Consulting services you must have an integrated marketing and sales strategy. You must have a helpful, educational and engaging online presence. You must be able to track the interactions with your online assets, and most importantly of all once you know who has engaged with your content, brand and online presence you must engage with them as a real “human”. Email the prospect to offer assistance, call them to discover more about their challenges. Help these digital leads become human relationships that feel valued and inclined to invest their significant budgets with you and your company.

The old cliché of “people buy from people” in my opinion is still very true, however to get to the point of meeting your prospective new client they must be entirely bought into you and your solution, against which you are competing with a Google search. Success going forward will be enjoyed by organisations who have an integrated, ‘smarketing’ focused sales and marketing team, and embrace the always on, full access to information world, but can leverage the intelligence this provides and deploy a professional knowledgeable sales person…a people person!

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