Lead generation strategiesOur experiences working with IT and Professional Service firms, have enabled INCo to gain the specialist skills and knowledge needed to create the lead generation strategies that consistently deliver results for our clients and ultimately get them in front of their buying marketing. 

With the consistent changes in the market place, our approach to strategy development has also had to change and adapt, but our core understanding of a lead generation campaign is timeless. This frame work for strategy development is one that we can apply so as to create a bespoke campaign that incorporates both direct and digital marketing activities. We have found in our experience that there are 8 steps essential to the launch of a campaign, integral to creating and delivering a successful strategy:

Understanding campaign requirements - All of our clients come to us because, ultimately, they need leads and they know we can deliver. But within this need, each of our clients have a unique set of conditions and requirements that are essential to strategy development process.Using an intital strategy session to unearth the short term goals for the campaign but also an understanding of how these goals fit into the company's strategic aims for the following years,  we are able to extract the information needed to create a bespoke campaign.

Combining Direct & Digital – Direct Marketing, with a highly qualified inside sales team can and will generate leads quickly, enabling our clients to understand the immediate impact our efforts have on their sales pipelines. Whilst the results of Digital marketing efforts aren’t so instantaneous, the use of these this combined approach brings in marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to be nurtured, ultimately creating a pipeline that is continuously topped up with new leads.

Creating a SLA & Lead Qualification Criteria - We work to understand exactly what constitutes as a lead to a particular client and firmly outline the qualification processes that each potential lead must undergo.  With these criteria, other campaign details and our previous experiences we build out a SLA we know we can deliver results on.

Buyer Persona Development – We host Buyer Persona workshops to delve deep into our client's target markets, creating detailed understandings of their ideal buyers and the challenges they face. This information is then used as the foundation to craft engagement strategies for both the direct and digital elements of the campaign.

Keyword Research – From the Buyer Persona session we work with our clients to understand the keywords and search queries that will be most influential in SEO rankings,  and then work on an Inbound Marketing strategy to rank for keywords, driving organic traffic and MQLs to fill that pipeline.

Content Creation & Delivery Plans –  Using the insights gained through the Buyer Persona workshop, keyword research and other information gathering, a strategy for the creation and distribution of content can be created. For each client we take into consideration the digital channels available and how each can be optimised to share or promote content that showcase our clients as an industry thought leader and utlimately drive those MQLS to feed into the Inside Sales team. 

Team Selection and Training – This is an important step in the INCo lead generation strategy development process. Selected for their personal set of skills and experiences, the team chosen to work on a campaign are trained directly by our clients.  This ensures that they are able to accurately represent a client’s brand and value proposition as they use their existing knowledge to target and engage with key decision makers in a variety of roles and industries.

Creating a Data Set – For the direct element of a lead generation strategy, once a team have been selected and trained, the focus falls upon the data set - as even an expert inside sales team will make slow progress in an irrelevant or inaccurate database. INCo spend the time needed to make sure a data list has the potential to meet the lead requirements set. Years of experience mean that our business development consultants are able to map and profile the data set quickly and efficiently, identifying those ideal target customers. 

For INCo the design of a B2B lead generation strategy starts from the very first contact we have with our clients. Each step in the lead up to a campaign launch is an essential component of the creation and delivery of a successful lead generation strategy.

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