5_sales_tools.pngAt the start of November, HubSpot rather radically overhauled their Sales Hub offering and refocused their attention on improving their CRM to compete with longer established players in the market. In light of the exciting announcement, this blog will discuss some of the new and existing tools to help you engage with your buying market more efficiently and effectively


Effectively using the Documents tool is essential to ensuring the success of a Sales Enablement programme delivered using the Sales Pro Tools. Documents allows you to upload all your premium content (e-books, white papers, blogs) into HubSpot and most importantly track when these documents are being read by prospects.  

Once you have uploaded your content into Documents, you will be able to drop any of the uploaded content into emails, templates and sequences straight from the HubSpot CRM which makes it a particularly useful tool for field sales professionals who want to share content while on the road.

Once a prospect has opened a piece of content sent to them via Documents, HubSpot will notify you via their Windows/Chrome extension and track what pages have been viewed, for how long and whether a mobile or desktop device was used. The tracking of this information allows for a more relevant follow-up based on the areas of the content where your prospect has spent the most time at a time where you know your prospect is free and thinking about the issues you are engaging them on.

Documents also allows you to track the success of individual content pieces allowing you to quickly see what content pieces get the best levels of interaction from prospects allowing you to plan and refine your content strategy based on real world data.

Templates & Sequences

We have written several blog posts over recent weeks discussing email sequences and the many advantages of using email templates to ensure a consistent and efficient email follow up process. HubSpot offer Templates and Sequences on all of their HubSpot Sales packages, however the Starter and Professional licenses will allow for the creation of multiple sequences for a range of sales scenarios.

Once you have set-up your templates and sequences it is only a matter of selecting one from a drop-down menu on the HubSpot CRM, checking the template and sending to a prospect greatly improving efficiency and reducing the time it takes to follow up with prospects.

As with documents, HubSpot allows you to track the success of templates and sequences in terms of engagement from prospects allowing you to refine email follow up process based on the success of your previous activity.


Messages was introduced by HubSpot as part of their latest update on the 1st of November. Messages now lets you embed a chat box on any of your webpages allowing prospects on your website to interact with you in real time. The tool allows you to capture the prospect’s email address and copies the conversation straight into the contact record on the CRM once the conversation is over for future reference.

The Messages tool will also track known prospects visiting your website and alert the member of your team who has been assigned that contact. This helps create a personalised user experience and avoids multiple members of your sales team following up with the same prospect. With inbuilt scheduling, you can set the tool to run during your hours of business, sending an email alert to your team any time someone send a message via the messaging box.


There are now a host of services that allow you to share the availability in your diary to allow prospects to schedule time with you. HubSpot offer this as one of their free sales tools, allowing you to embed a hyperlink that directs prospects to a page suggesting times and providing a form to capture further information about the prospect. This tool is especially useful when embedded as part of an email template


Prospects helps you identify the prospects who have visited your site but failed to convert through a landing page. Using reverse IP lookup, this tool is similar to Lead Forensics, HubSpot shows the company, location and details of pages visited to help work out who has been visiting your page. This tool is especially useful when combined with tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator or Zoominfo and some creative thinking to connect with prospects who have fallen through the net.

Hubspot is constantly evolving, equiping sales professionals with the tools they need to reach modern prospects. At INCo we often publish blogs on how you can make the most of the platform or how to improve the interactions you have with your prospects. To stay up to date with these topics subscribe to our blog here.


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