Digital marketing is an evolving art form. A marketer’s creativity is no longer heavily influenced by their company’s budget; rather it is influenced by their own creativity and the technology they have available. Last year we saw a major decline in the use of Snapchat, as Instagram launched its own story platform which now has over 200 million active users each day. We have seen the continued growth of content marketing; the use of rich media and a major shift in the way SEO works a result of Google’s spiders getting smarter. With such drastic changes in 2017, this blog aims to identify some emerging trends you can embrace to help tweak your digital strategy in 2018.

  1. Mobile Ready Content

In our blog, Web Design Trends 2018 we looked at the rise in mobile browsing and how this has overtaken desktop browsing. It’s estimated that for every ten minutes spent on social media, seven of these will be on mobile devices.  Digital marketing is already following this trend; by optimising blogs for smaller screens, editing emarketing to be more engaging for mobile users, and using videos instead of lengthy text posts.

HubSpot has a number of handy tools to make this process even easier, offering you the chance to preview your content across multiple devices types before you take the final step of publishing. HubSpot also utilises Google AMP technology meaning your content loads almost instantly as JavaScript is removed -  it priorities your written copy before loading other content once the majority of text has rendered. This is ideal as it improves your mobile prospects user experience as they navigate your site.

Pages that are optimised for AMP also tend to receive a better rating on Google. For example, if two pages have all the same credentials but one loads faster for mobile, the quickest page will be shown first, meaning that AMP can provide a distinct advantage over your competitors.

  1. Social Media Investment

Having a marketing person split their time between writing your content and managing your social channels may no longer be enough. Social media management is a full-time job and it's vital that organisations begin increasing their investment and having someone dedicate the entirety of their resource to that job. Companies need a social media manager that knows their brand to the core; an individual who can promote your brand in the right way to appeal to each individual on each platform. The demographics of your audience changes across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and it's vital that they can create the most striking content piece for each channel. In 2018, we will see the investments made into Social Media platforms continue to grow while the trend of hiring dedicated social media experts will also become more prominent.

  1. Expect to see a Boom in Content Marketing

We love content marketing and we love creating great content for our clients as it helps them build upon their position as thought leaders within their field. Whilst at the onset of running a content marketing strategy it can feel like a huge investment in resources, in the long term good quality content helps businesses save money and time.

The content you create makes up a vital part of sales enablement; it empowers your salespeople to provide their leads with captivating content which helps them find solutions to the challenges they experience in their working environment. It can be tailored to fit the ideal place in their buying journey and ultimately help your salespeople close prospects into satisfied customers.

As well as helping with sales enablement, content marketing acts as a massive contribution to your organic search results, as when optimised for SEO it can help improve your rankings and credibility on Google. If you haven’t created high-quality content yet then now is the time to embrace this trend and start empowering your salespeople and develop your relationships.


If you are interested in learning more about the role marketing plays in sales enablement and how you can use your content to close better quality leads, download our eBook the Power of Sales Enablement.