How planning Quarterly Go-to-Market Campaigns - on an Annual basis - can help solve sales pipeline problems.

Why is my pipeline not consistently full of good leads?


Sales pipeline numbers can fluctuate dramatically  Sales pipeline numbers can fluctuate dramatically

It’s a question we hear frequently at INCo, even from clients who are diligent in their marketing on a day-to-day basis. They run frequent business development campaigns, attend events, run webinars, post on social media and maintain highly efficient databases.

So why are they not finding the right type of leads and why does the size of their pipeline vary so much? Why too does the quality of their leads vary so much? Sometimes they are high quality and very active and at other times they are nothing if not cool?

It is rare that INCo works with a business that has not undertaken some form of structured marketing program in the past. It is also rare that INCo's clients have not had a bad experience of working with a lead generation, business development or marketing agency in the past.

So where do they go wrong?

The answer could be to create a strategy of what you want to achieve for each quarter over the next 12 months.

If you think stratetigally about your marketing and business development planning, better results follow.
Sometimes projects fail to achieve the results that are required because the output has not been thought through in term of a long-term strategy.

All too often, Sales people (mostly figuratively!) scream at Marketing "Where are my leads". In response, marketing launch a tactical campaign to address the short term problem.

But if you can get ahead of the game, and plan twelve months out, then both quantity and quality issues tend to resolve themselves. Instead of thinking purely tactically, look at four quarterly go-to-market plans that will deliver the results your business and the sales team require to achieve their growth.

A key component of any successful lead generation strategy is to make sure that you have a lead nurturing program set up. Make sure that anyone that shows any interest in your business is not lost, even if they are at the very early stages of solution evaluation. They are not poor leads, they are just not ready to fully engage yet!

There are some great businesses out there that could be your customers of tomorrow. They can really help you drive potential new business into your sales pipeline.

Here are some tips to selecting them, and making sure you are ready:

1: write a brief with performance criteria of what you want to achieve
2: if you are using an external agency, make sure the agency can reference your solution or industry
3: if you are choosing a lead generation agency, look for factual examples of how they keep a project on track
4: and make sure you speak to the team delivering the project
5: you should always be available and committed through the set-up phase

To find out more about how INCo can help you develop a strategy that will ensure you are generating the right type of leads….consistently, over a twelve month period, email Alternatively, tells us about what you would like to achieve and we will schedule an investigation call with you. We would love to hear about your marketing and lead generation plans and we are confident we can ensure you hit your targets!