Why effective sales development depends on understanding your clients and potential clients

New technologies and new products change the way we buy. You only need to look at Uber and how that service has shaken up the market for hire cars and cabs.


Finding new sales leads can be challenging. The more you know about the market, the better equipped you will be.
Finding new sales leads can be challenging. The more you know about the market, the better equipped you will be.

And because companies are continually looking into how to apply new technologies for competitive advantage, any sales or business development team focused on breaking into new accounts needs to have as complete a view as possible of the business background in which any prospect works.

Business priorities drive technology sales, and that’s true whether your product is a sophisticated consulting value proposition, data centre solution or financial management software (ERP).

In simple terms, IT solution providers or consulting firms need to know how their audience ticks.

Every potential purchaser will have one or more ‘hot buttons’ – the key phrases that make them sit up and take notice – and behind each one is a business imperative. Improving cash-flow, delivering better service, or introducing new products quicker. These and other factors are all important in gaining credibility and ensuring you engage with active buying decision makers.

At INCo, our single priority is to help companies providing IT solutions and consulting services understand the motives of their clients and potential clients. Yes, we deliver sales leads and timely information on potential sales opportunities to our clients. But it is client profiling - understanding customers in detail, and how those details change - that is most successful in delivering the long-term sales growth that our clients need.

INCo supports business development teams, supplementing and enhancing what they can do – especially if their focus is building an addressable pipeline of new opportunities, nurturing existing clients, or they simply don’t have the bandwidth to widen their focus into new geographic or vertical markets.

Outsourcing business development, inside sales or lead generation is a proven route to growing your business and INCo can point to a continuous record of success for our clients, proving that we can do what we say – deliver better knowledge and understanding of sales cases right up to the point where they are ready to buy.

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