A new age of sales possibilities requires new approaches A new age of sales possibilities requires new approaches

Over the past twelve months there has been a noticeable shift in the work that INCo has been asked to deliver for its clients.

Not in terms of the desired outcome, but in the approach to be taken in engaging with their target audience. Information, intelligence and long-term relationships have become far more prominent in the list of desired outcomes… always with a focus on identifying the active decision-makers with the authority and need to invest in new processes, technology and capability.

This development in approach is not only being driven by data and trend hungry marketing directors, but sales directors are also becoming more analytical in their approach to driving their pipeline.

The sales function is becoming increasingly process driven. More sales directors and managers understand that the key to driving an addressable sales pipeline is not to throw as much volume at it as possible, but to ensure that what is being targeted and entering the pipeline is high quality - of sufficient quality that it can be engaged, in a professional sales cycle by professional sales people.

INCo has been account mapping mid-market and enterprise organisations for many years, helping clients to identify qualified leads that can be fully engaged with by sales organisations. In 2015 though, sales directors are requesting to see this information so that they can ensure that campaigns are going to deliver the right type of sales opportunities. They also have to know that they have the right calibre of sales people following them up, and to understand precisely what the market is asking for.

In a world where social media is so pervasive, it is imperative to gain knowledge directly from the market - understanding the nature of business challenges so that marketing efforts are responding to these challenges, pains and needs.

INCo provides business development services using a methodology that comprises account profiling, telemarketing, e-marketing, social marketing and pipeline nurturing to ensure that sales leads and qualified sales opportunities identified are high quality and high value. Only these will ultimately turn into closed business and new customers for our clients.

The focus is always on identifying the right leads, but the key difference is how you get there. If you would like more information regarding how INCo can execute your marketing plans and support your sales team, please email me at neil.ritchie@inco-online.com or call us on 0844 800 5530