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Do you find it difficult to hire great sales people? Research says you’re not alone. But there is another option.

December 2014

For the first time, British companies have their own section in Silicon Valley Bank’s Innovation Economy Outlook for the current year.

Of the 100 high-growth British tech businesses who contributed their views about the future, many replied that the software industry is facing a common challenge – finding skilled talent. With experienced sales people being difficult – and expensive – to find and hire, it isn’t surprising that skills shortages in this and other areas are listed as a prime concern.

Adding an outsourced component to an existing sales team may give your sales efforts a real edge Adding an outsourced component to an existing sales team may give your sales efforts a real edge

Despite the sector being “vigorous and filled with promise” that single factor could be holding these firms back.

One response to this problem of course, is to outsource business development and sales prospecting activities to a specialist highly focused partner. And that’s precisely where INCo can help.

We work to find sales leads and new business opportunities for companies across the IT and consulting spectrum, helping to increase sales pipelines across a wide range of solutions, technologies and consulting practice specialities. We work at all levels within potential prospect companies, targeting C-suite and director level contacts with a consultative strategic strategic sales approach to identify qualified sales opportunities (QSO’S) within the Times Top 500 and SME’s alike. You can read below about a £10million opportunity that one of our clients was able to take advantage of.

INCo's clients come from the ranks of well-established global firms as well as from the new and exciting start-up and high-growth technology businesses that are thriving in Britain right now.

If sales talent is the only thing that’s holding your company back, pick up the phone or drop me an email to We could help unlock the door to new sales opportunities and future business growth.