How do you find new business? If your company operates in the high-tech sector or provides complex strategic consulting services – it’s not a difficult puzzle to solve. You just have to be well-positioned when the next opportunity comes around.


Bright direction
Do you need more business, or business that's new to you? INCo helps clients achieve new business relationships.

If the potential buyer hasn’t done business with your company before, there’s a double challenge to solve. How to get on the list of possible suppliers in the first place, and then how do you make the leap from the possibles to the shortlist?

Right now, there’s a good steady increase in market demand for IT & Technology Solutions and Consulting services. Demand has been increasing consistently since the last quarter of 2013. Now is the time to be out there telling UK plc all about it.

The trouble is, that if you are like the majority of businesses that we talk to, you have enough things to do in giving your current clients the service they deserve, without thinking about the more difficult and challenging part of growing a business – gaining clients who are new to you company.

This could be where INCo can help. We work with established and emerging companies to help them build their sales pipeline that is addressable now and going into the future. Some of them are totally new to the UK market, others are established already. They need to sell new IT and consulting solutions and services. They need help to sell into markets that may be new to that particular company. It’s possible, and quite commonly the case in consulting, that they need to sell in at a higher level.

INCo, through its programme of continuous business development & peer to peer telemarketing, provides important sales leads for companies like this. Hiring INCo to work on a specific sales & marketing initiative gives your sales team the opportunity to concentrate on progressing active sales cases to a close, while ensuring that your company receives a steady flow of highly qualified new business opportunities every month.

Would you like to hear in detail what our clients are saying about the results we are able to achieve?

Then please get in touch with and we’ll tell you more about how we build sales pipelines, provide sales leads and deliver the market information that will help you plan your future.