Integrating Social Media and eMarketing into a successful sales strategy

Building and maintaining a lead generation strategy that delivers consistently can be a problem. It often leaves companies who are striving to build sales momentum, without a solution. Why does that happen?


Outsourcing sales? Now, there's an idea!
Outsourcing business development? Now, there's an idea!

A great marketing department works hard to maximise sales opportunities that a sales team can capitalise on. A great sales team can have a wonderful strike rate in converting sales, but just doesn’t get enough of them.

But even with both, too often opportunity falls through a gap between marketing and sales. It's a situation even more likely in a growing market, simply because sales teams are overstretched trying to service existing accounts to have time to chase down new-name opportunities.

Marketing groups are often called upon to do the same – pumping up the information volume with committed customers and not having the bandwidth to put programs in place that will provide new possibilities.

So what do you do? Of course, leaving existing clients alone is simply not an option. You know that there are predators out there who sense weakness in an important client relationship like a shark senses blood.

But there are other options and one is to use an outsourced business development resource like INCo.

Closing the Loop

INCo is the sales end of marketing and understands how to engage with both sales and marketing to ensure the pipeline grows and all of the "expressions of interest” from social, events, white paper downloads and marketing campaigns are professionally engaged with, qualified, nurtured where required and passed to the sales team when they are sales ready.

Of course, you will want to be convinced that we can maintain quality and effectiveness of contact, being as seamless as possible with your own efforts. You’ll want to know too, that we can be effective whether your sales needs are short- or long-term, whatever the level you need to work at within an organisation.

In response to both of those questions, I can only invite you to come along and see how our Business Development Consultants work on behalf of our existing consulting, IT solutions and software, and professional services clients. To accept that invitation, please do get in touch with me: