Are you making the most of sales opportunities in a rising market? 
In a rising market, your sales increase and everyone’s happy, but should they be?
Are you making the most of sales opportunities in a rising market?

If you maintain marketshare in a rising market, sales will rise. But shouldn't your goal be to increase your percentage share of the market, rather than just to maintain it?

In a rising market (and just today, the government has reported that GDP is back to the level of the pre-recession peak) sales departments tend to do what they do best – to cultivate existing contacts – because that’s the easiest and most available source for new orders. But of course, if you want to grow your business through each and every business cycle, then you have to do more than that.

You have to add new clients to your business list.

And doing that may require additional sales bandwidth, of a kind that’s not easy to develop or recruit in an in-house team.

Over the years, INCo has helped many companies to solve this issue. Because our business development team is knowledgeable about the market and the products and services that are needed, they can help give an immediate lift to new sales prospecting, particularly for IT services, technology and management consulting and companies.

We can claim that they are knowledgeable, because, first, they’re trained to be and second, because they are in touch with potential clients every day, by phone and email, talking with business people at every level (right up to ‘C’ level executives) about the IT systems and communications challenges that are facing their organisations. Our people are in touch with companies of every size, and we can help if your company has a product or market development goal to achieve, looking for growth.

To find out, how our outsourced business development and lead generation solution could work for you, get in touch or better still, come and see us in action. For more information contact Neil Ritchie at