The CIO Agenda for 2014: Bigger Challenges

View of business people meeting in conference room of modern bui Today's CIO faces big challenges. Finding new suppliers could be one of the most important

In 2014, CIO's must transition to a new era of enterprise IT — an era of digitization that impacts strategy, leadership, structure, talent and financing.

Today's CIO faces a host of digital opportunities and threats, with industries in many different geographies undergoing radical digital disruption. This is a CIO's dream, albeit not one for the faint-hearted and the change could bring with it a career-changing leadership challenge.

2014 will be a year of meeting ongoing needs for efficiency and growth while exploiting the new digital paradigms.

According to Neil Ritchie, INCo’s CEO, the link between technology and business strategy is bringing IT Solution Providers and Management Consulting firms closer together, indeed many organisations have both consulting and IT business units.

INCo too has mirrored this convergence and provides business development, sales lead generation and direct marketing services to firms that operate in both sectors, as well as to specialists firms. "We believe that our detailed understanding of the business issues that drive change and the need to implement modern technology strategies sets us apart as a business development services provider and a provider of sales lead opportunities," Neil Ritchie said.

"The INCo team is rare in having the resources to understand how to engage with business decision makers who are investing in technology and consulting services".

For additional information or to understand how INCo could help your company to build and grow your new business pipeline by providing sales lead opportunities, please get in touch with me