The essential priority for most CIO's over the last few years has been efficiency: effectively, trying to do more with less. Now, things are changing.

Consultant in demand to make big data a reality CIO priorities are shifting from efficiency to business innovation

In the last 12 months INCo has seen a number of very interesting projects come onto the agenda of the CIO. For the first time they are having to juggle the continuing drive for efficiency whilst planning for growth and the initiation of new projects that the board is planning. CIO’s are having to make a transition from technologist to business strategist, a position that is making their role in the business increasingly important.

Since the beginning of 2014, INCo has seen a dramatic new impetus for the initiation of large scale transformational projects that are driving the replacement of technology, in turn, these are being driven by real business change. According to INCo CEO, Neil Ritchie, these changes are offering many new sales opportunities throughout the UK. "We're seeing interest in new platforms and the ways in which these can be applied from all kinds of UK businesses."

Unlike previous technology refreshes, the landscape has shifted significantly since the last large scale investments. Cloud services, Data Center, Hosting, Software as a Service (SAAS), Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS), BYOD and Big Data are all hugely significant technology strategies that are providing the CIO with new platforms that can drive business forward. According to consultants at Gartner Group, this shift in paradigm is happening in organisations operating in the SME, Mid-Market and Enterprise space.