Hunting and harvesting IT and Consulting sales leads, delivered by professional business developers

Bring Your Own Device is becoming the basis for meetings everywhere Match your sales effort to what you need to achieve. Outsourcing some or all sales effort can help.

The INCo proposition has always been to complement and support its clients' existing sales force, whatever its scope and extent.

For a company new to the UK or Europe, a sales lead generation company like INCo can be the internal sales team, supporting one or one hundred field based sales people. For established companies with new products or IT services, particularly those trying to enter new market sectors, we can help establish a sales presence in a new sector, without shifting attention from existing clients and markets.

And of course for IT Solutions providers and Management Consulting firms, we can help by identifying and engaging with sales leads, properly qualified and appropriate to the circumstances, through our continuous programme of contact and nurturing into IT and consulting buyers and prospects.

From there, and only if it’s appropriate, we can add extra value, by providing realistic market opportunity numbers for example, or by establishing relationships at whatever level is necessary, in any company. INCo works throughout the UK, EMEA and the USA making contacts and evaluating opportunities, in the short- and long-term, at every appropriate contact point up to C-level executives.

Throughout the process, it is important for our clients to assess their own sales skill and competence levels. If harvesting (maintaining relationships over a period of time) is what your sales team are geared to, then adding a hunting process (sales lead generation) often works. If sales development isn’t happening at the right level, then establishing boardroom contacts may be vital to a company’s future.

Neil Ritchie, CEO of INCo, comments, “The important thing in developing potential new sales is to ensure that the effort matches the scale of the task. Sometimes, you just can’t do what you need in-house, and that’s when sales, marketing or managing directors need to talk to us.”