Bigger budgets for cloud computing, big data, social media and BYOD will lead to new sales opportunities

KPMG’s take (on findings from Gartner research, contained in its report, Hunting and Harvesting in a Digital World), is that long predicted changes are about to happen, but will create many new IT sales opportunities when the impact of fast maturing technologies combine.

Consulting expertise in demand to make big data a reality IT sales opportunities are increasing, as new technologies rapidly mature, and the global recovery takes hold.

Unsurprisingly Gartner suggests that digital technologies will dominate CIO technology priorities, but predicts that these will be “reflecting a greater emphasis on externally-oriented digital technologies, as opposed to traditional IT/operationally oriented systems”.

Of new trends, CIOs say that the most impactful would be mobile technologies (70%), followed by Big Data/analytics at 55 percent, social media at 54 percent and public cloud at 51 percent.

But CIOs see their greatest disruptive power coming in combination, rather than in isolation.

What is different now is the fact that none of these four disruptive technologies can be called nascent anymore. They have all been around, been experimented with, and are now ready to deliver. Most importantly, taken together, these echnologies carry significant transformation potential for businesses. Analysts are unanimous that these technology areas will receive heightened emphasis in enterprise IT budgets.

Neil Ritchie, CEO of Inco, a company specialising in developing new sales leads for IT companies, sees the impact of change beginning to build momentum. "Our continuous telemarketing campaigns are showing that economic recovery is happening at the same time as new technologies are maturing. This is creating a very lively sales environment for IT systems, solutions and software, as well as producing major consulting opportunites. "