Companies planning to move to Cloud services need certainty on when and how Companies planning to move to Cloud services need certainty on when and how

A recent study by KPMG reveals that the use of cloud is genuinely dominating boardroom planning for 2013, with 42% of UK organisations revealing that at least one fifth of their total IT spend in the next 12 months will be impacted by Cloud services. However, while the business benefits of moving to the cloud may be clear, deciding when and how to implement a cloud strategy still remains a complex challenge for many.

“Companies are viewing the transition to Cloud computing as a leap in the dark, and they need certainty. This is major opportunity for consulting firms at the moment,” according to INCo CEO, Neil Ritchie.

“Our continuous contact with the market - at levels up to the 'C' suite - gives us unique insights into the requirements of commercial organisations and right now, they are looking for consultants who can help guide them through the maze of issues.”

For firms of any size, security, scalability and control are fundamental when choosing a cloud solution. They will also want to know the extent to which the cloud can interface with existing information and communications technology infrastructure and the scale of change this move will result in.

Companies looking to place business-critical applications in to the cloud should look for, as a minimum, a data centre infrastructure with presence in their key markets, joined together by a global network.

“Consulting firms with relevant expertise who would like to tap into these opportunities should contact us to discuss building a sales pipeline.”