Big data right now means big possibilities, but how do companies make it happen?

Consulting expertise in demand to make big data a reality Consulting expertise in demand to make big data a reality

Take a look at what people are saying about big data and its possibilities. You’ll get a lot of big ideas, but not much idea on where to start.

Dave Brock, from Partners in Excellence has this to say:

“In 2013, high performance sales organizations will provide their sales people with “intelligent leads.” By incorporating rich analytics, these organizations will make quantum leaps in lead quality/conversions.”

Then there’s this from Heidi Melin, who is CMO at Eloqua:

“Companies will continue to seek a deeper understanding of buyers and the foundation for achieving this will be big data. The explosion of available data that captures a prospect’s online behavior will help organizations move potential customers through the buying stages by delivering the right information at the right time.”

And while most experts seem to agree that big data is going to remove a lot of guesswork from marketing, there seems to be a lack of real knowledge about how and where to start, and what role legacy data will play in all this.

Neil Ritchie, CEO at specialist UK business development firm INCo, knows there is a real and urgent need for consulting expertise to help companies apply big data to real commercial effect.

“From our continuous contact with the market, we know that companies need practical questions answered before they can apply big data in their organisations. Consulting firms with practical experience in big data should be using this opportunity to gain new clients, and if they need to know where to start, we can help.”