Since the decline in the global economy in 2008, new business generation in the IT market has been incredibly challenging for any company involved in solution sales to businesses.

Business - responding to mega trends with new IT investments Business - responding to mega trends with new IT investments

Now, it seems that recent mega trends - cloud, mobility, big data and social enterprise - have woken up UK businesses that have up until now been reluctant to invest in major IT projects.

"It seems that businesses have realised that there is no alternative to investment in IT, if they don't want to be left behind," said Neil Ritchie, managing director of sales development business, INCo.

INCo has over the past few months begun to record a massive increase in new business opportunities in the UK market for data centre, infrastructure and business analytics providers.

One of the main reasons given for the sudden uplift in investment is that confidence in the robustness and security of these solutions has grown immensely. Where there was once an objection to any offsite cloud solution, the questions being asked now are which partner to choose and what applications to host.

Recent market intelligence suggests that the biggest driver for a large number of IT projects undertaken at the moment is giving employees and customers real time access to the data they desire, on any device or in any location they choose. Companies have huge technology barriers to overcome to achieve this demand, and only in recent months has this truly became a reality. The advances in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Virtual Desktop (VDI) technology is beginning to allow companies to truly meet their customer and employee demands.

INCo's highly skilled Business Development Consultants speak to literally thousands of key decision makers every week about their ongoing IT strategy. They report significant market trends on a regular basis whilst generating hundreds of new business opportunities for leading technology and consultancy organisations every week. Based on record results in Q1 this year, INCo fully expects this to be their most successful year for generating new business for its client base to date.