The results of IBM’s 2012 Smarter Consumer UK Study have recently been published.

They show that consumer desire for using mobile devices while shopping more than doubled (138%) within the past year. The survey looked at consumer purchasing trends and shopping habits of 1,800 UK consumers.

These consumer trends are driving a distinct agenda for change in the IT environment in retail, which is in turn providing huge opportunities for systems integrators, consultancy firms and IT retail specialists who have kept ahead of these trends.

Neil Ritchie, CEO of INCo, whose business is about finding and qualifying sales opportunities across the IT and consulting sector, said “There are big opportunities as retailers attempt to adjust their business to a world where mobile devices are key. Companies who can respond to this environment should be working with us to develop an immediate sales pipeline.”

Other changes highlighted by the research include:

39 percent want to use mobiles to receive personalised promotions.
42 percent want to use mobiles to seek out lower prices, and 44 percent to seek out promotions.
52 percent want to use mobiles to checkout, and 42 percent to locate products in-store.

INCo conducts continuous business development, direct marketing and telemarketing programmes to discern corporate purchasing trends and to find sales leads for its IT and Consulting clients.

More on the IBM research is available here: