According to the Statista website, 2013 will see big increases in sales of tablets and notebooks, while PC sales will increase by a modest amount. (

Data is based on input from Worldwide, IDC and Morgan Stanley.

This is hardly surprising of course, given the almost daily reminders that businesses everywhere are having to respond to a global change in consumer behaviour. Today’s announcements from Argos (24th October) illustrate just how fundamental those challenges are becoming.

CEO’s and CTO’s are having to re-envision the future for their companies as the shift to mobile becomes more and more evident, and that is placing a strain on whatever technology roadmap might be in place. Changes are happening across the planning spectrum – short term quick fixes having to be integrated into larger scale strategies for the future. Earlier this week, a report from data storage specialist EMC, was pointing to a need for CEO’s to take control in a world of ‘big data’ (

All this is creating opportunities for those with relevant business and technology expertise, but do existing sales forces have the bandwidth to ensure that their companies take advantage? Not always, according to sales development experts at INCo.

“Sales forces often focus on short-term opportunities, and leave the longer term plan to look after itself,” according to INCo Managing Director, Neil Ritchie. “In times of change, you have to take extra care to develop sales opportunities in both short- and long-term. A company like INCo can provide additional resource to do that effectively, whatever part of the business community an IT or Consulting company serves.”