The latest white paper from INCo is now available for download. Published in May 2012, the white paper highlights how retailers in Europe plan to respond to the competitive challenges they face in the months and years to come.

The INCo report is the result of the company’s activities in calling in to the retail market. INCo works in this and other markets to find immediate sales opportunities for its clients and to assess priorities for future investment on the part of leading and emerging companies.

The INCo white paper shows that retailers are looking at many issues. Customer-centric retailing, strategic sourcing, controlling distribution costs and remaining agile enough to face future challenges are just some of the areas viewed as being critical to their future development.

Consulting projects, large IT systems, as well as core computer components services and software will all come under consideration as plans to move the business ahead are developed. Companies who can demonstrate key skills in important fields will of course be best placed to capitalise on opportunities.

To download the INCo retail white paper, go to our homepage and look for the White Papers box.