Among IDC predictions, big opportunities in the retail sector in 2012

According to market researchers IDC, 2012, at least for software applications, should continue to see good growth across a variety of markets. Why? Well IDC point to the fact that technology, particularly software, is seen as a competitive equalizer.

Automation too is increasing productivity in an environment where profits are difficult to increase. Companies continue to invest in edge applications that increase customer touch and facilitate a more collaborative business environment, seeing this as a key to the medium-term future.

Neil Ritchie at INCo, a leading company that works to find sales leads for IT and Consulting firms, said, “Our contact with the market is showing that there are a lot of current and potential projects, particularly with firms who are determined to outgrow the market over the next couple of years. Retail seems to be a particularly challenging environment at present, where companies just can’t afford to do nothing.”

IDC sees four major factors - cloud, big data, social and mobile – continuing to have far-reaching impacts for businesses and for the technology that supports them.

The retail environment is seen by IDC as particularly volatile and because of that offers some special opportunities as demand for digital commerce outpaces other enterprise software markets and traditional retailers search for an equilibrium between brick-and-mortar, online, mobile, and social commerce channels.