With both the UK and the US economies now coming back from the brink of recession, and the eurozone area stabilising, most IT market predictions are for modest market growth throughout the remainder of 2012, some improvement through 2013 and then a return to a more positive outlook in 2014 and beyond. Specialist IT and consulting market predictions seem slightly less cautious, but point out that companies planning to take advantage of future growth will be investing now.

Gartner, for example, in its CIO advisory note, asks whether IT staff should be, perhaps exclusively, confined to business growth initiatives now in order to rationalise investment and to ensure that companies position themselves for potential gains.

INCo, because of its continuous telemarketing into FTSE100/250, Enterprise, Mid-Market and SME markets, is well-placed to provide rather more in the way of insight into various sectors, and to understand what current sentiments are.

At INCo, our current sense of the market is that an expansionary trend is now gaining traction. There are opportunities for consulting firms, and software solution providers which have been on hold over recent years are very much back on the C-level agenda. Companies are still generating sales and cash and are looking to invest to position themselves for success in the future as the recovery gains momentum this year and beyond.

All this says that consulting firms and IT Solution providers should be looking to expand and broaden their client base now, and that new business prospecting and the generation of sales opportunities and leads – perhaps into new market sectors – could be essential to future profitability. It will definitely pay dividend to engage with the buying market early in the evaluation cycle to ensure you are shaping their views and potential requirements.