Opportunities for IT and consulting firms, particularly those who can show solid evidence of contribution to successful business innovation, are continuing to grow, report new business development specialists INCo.

INCo, whose business involves finding and qualifying sales leads for its IT and Consulting clients, is reporting that potential buyers are still “very interested” in investing in innovation, particularly at a strategic level in the organisation. INCo’s awareness of this growing trend stems from its process of continued calls into IT and other departments within likely purchasing companies, a process which allows INCo to pass on knowledge of market trends and opportunities - as well as specific sales opportunities - to its clients.

Neil Ritchie, INCo managing director, commented, “Our continued contact with the market indicates that while some companies are postponing purchases, many more are confident that they will benefit from a market resurgence towards the end of 2012 and into 2013, and are investing now in innovative new processes and methods that will help them take advantage of improved market conditions.”

INCo is finding that potential purchasing companies who have maintained sales during the last half-year will invest both in IT systems and Consulting projects that can help them improve efficiency, customer satisfaction and market presence, ready for an upturn in confidence which many see coming in the latter half of 2012.

“There are many forward-thinking companies who aren’t waiting for the European crisis to resolve itself. They argue that they should be ready to take advantage of improved conditions.”