What's going to drive sales for ICT and Consulting firms this year?

What CIOs need to know is not how much pressure there will be on budgets and ROI in 2012 and beyond, but what will be the key issue they have to respond to.

In 2011, it was cloud computing. Now, according to some commentators, it is monetizing IT, a trend that some picked up on this year but which many believe will be a game-changing issue for CIOs in 2012.

Broadly, the argument is that technology has become so integrated with how a business runs and serves its customers that CIOs are being asked to contribute to the bottom line. IT is no longer a cost, but a profit-enabler, as key to the business as finance or marketing.

So now, it makes sense that CIOs are being asked to help others in the enterprise contribute to the bottom line. CIOs are working with chief marketing officers to promote and create new services. New technology practices are being conceived and adopted by the rest of the business to speed up product time to market and add value to the business. CIOs are working directly with customers (external customers, not internal end users) to gauge how the business can create a better user experience.

Cutting costs, efficiency gains, business process automation — those all are givens. What CEOs want to hear about is technology that will capitalize on the enterprise’s information assets. They want CIOs to rein in big data to deliver new insights and make money.

In that situation, it’s important for sales companies and IT consultants alike to keep their finger on the pulse. Clients and potential clients may be using the quiet period over Christmas and the New Year to plan or conceive game-changing strategies for the future. If they do, it will have a fundamental impact on sales outcomes for all kinds of companies as they plan possibly radical diversions from past ideas.

INCo, because of its continued contact with companies and the market, can help ICT and consulting firms anticipate key trends like these, and find those organisations with a real product, system or service need and help to position suppliers to take advantage of sales in the New Year and beyond.

From INCo, to all its many ICT and consulting clients and our many friends across the industry, we wish you all a very happy and a prosperous New Year. And of course, if we can help make it more prosperous for you, please do get in touch.