Finding buyers and sales opportunities may not be easy in 2012

Now, more than ever, IT and Consulting firms need to stress value and results as buyers search for demonstrable efficiencies and expertise in emerging technologies. But finding those buyers may not be easy in 2012.

Currently, market researchers Forrester, for example, are still predicting positive growth in world technology markets, even though the US and European economies are dancing on the edge of a recession. Their prediction is that business and government purchases of technology goods and services will see slowing, though still positive growth, in 2012. (

Throughout 2012, the pressure to maintain an effective sales pipeline will continue, particularly in the UK and Europe.

INCo, a sales lead generation firm, working to help established and emerging technology firms identify qualified sales leads for products and services sees its services becoming more commercially important.

“Ambitious companies in the IT sector need to be able to generate a future pipeline of sales on the basis of good understanding of what is driving customers to buy. We not only help IT and Consulting firms to find business leads that match their products and expertise, but we also help them to understand the business rationale for purchases in both the public and private sector,” said Neil Ritchie of INCo.

Forrester is predicting that 2012 growth will slide to 5.5% (from around 7% in 2011). IT markets of Western and Central Europe will have the slowest growth, with Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa and Latin America growing the fastest.