The Financial Times published its ‘Business of Consulting’ special report this month (

While the publication agreed that business was generally growing for consulting firms, it pointed to some significant difficulties that they are facing in the current environment, most notably the difficulty of finding new clients and new assignments.

The report quotes Alan Learman, chief executive of the UK’s Management Consultancies Association. (

“As economic change bites, more organisations will see the real value of looking outside their own ranks for the highest quality advice. There is clearly discussion about how much they can afford and return on investment, but they will need help to manage and exploit change.”

Other organisations are finding that they need help to cope with regulatory or technological changes. Technology in particular is underpinning so many new developments and so much structural change that understanding its potential, and then applying it, becomes critical to the corporate future.

INCo is a professional firm whose business is built around finding sales opportunities for all kinds of IT and Consulting organisations, reinforces the view that new business sales will be key to a successful period of growth for consulting firms.

“Change and a need to face new realities are forcing companies to change. We know from our continuous contact with the marketplace that consulting assignments – particularly at a high level – are there. In recent times it has never been so critical to ensure your firm has a professional business development and deal origination strategy backed up by a robust bid management process." said Neil Ritchie of INCo.