Market changes mean sales departments have to change too

A “paradigm shift,” one of those dramatic changes which can spell the end of seemingly invincible companies and usher in a new competitive landscape, is quietly happening in the software and services market as companies implement variations on the cloud computing model.

One analyst firm – TechMarketView – predicts that the value of the UK cloud market will more than double between now and 2014 from £2.4bn to £6.1bn.

These forecasts would see cloud computing account for 15 per cent of the total UK software and information technology services market by 2014.

In times of change like this, it can be vital for IT firms – both established and emerging, to secure their positions as suppliers of choice to early implementors. That in turn demands critical market knowledge and awareness of the issues that are moving their clients and prospects. INCo, a specialist sales lead generation company, supports the view that buyers are expecting a new attitude from suppliers.

“Today’s buyers want industry knowledge as well as in-depth IT understanding,” said Neil Ritchie of INCo. “We help our clients to find those companies who are about to buy, and to understand the reasons behind their move. This kind of knowledge is vital in the current sales environment.”

TechMarketView are expecting these dramatic changes to continue beyond 2014.

"Beyond the forecast horizon we would expect public cloud growth to accelerate again as mission-critical legacy applications move to public cloud," they say.