In-house sales teams sometimes have a narrow focus on how to achieve sales goals. They like dealing with companies or industries they know. Sales prospecting on a broader basis isn’t what they’re good at.

But in today's environment, it is more important than ever to ensure that IT solutions and service providers are meeting and engaging with as many prospective customers as possible – potential clients that have active projects relative to the portfolio the sales team can offer.

With pressure on corporate budgets ratcheting up,sales people are faced with two problems. The first is that, because of budget pressure, any remaining loyalties to existing suppliers are likely to be forgotten. The second is a matter of skills and bandwidth. How do sales teams find potential buyers in new companies and industries?

INCo is the UK’s leading provider of direct marketing and lead generation services specifically to IT and professional services organisations, and successfully resolves that issue every day.

INCo’s aim is to ensure that its clients are engaged with the ‘ideal prospects’ that they are not already aware of. The company already provides these services to software authors/developers, application and hardware services providers, system integrators and professional services organisations.

As well as providing qualified sales opportunities that our clients can immediately engage with, INCo also manage the “warming” queue of opportunities (in partnership with each of its clients) that with the right nurturing and development, will become fully qualified sales opportunities in the future. This is important as it allows sales teams to focus their efforts and resources on fully qualified opportunities, while their forthcoming pipeline of potential opportunities remains visible and measurable.

In this way, to paraphrase an old advertising line, in-house sales teams can ‘do what they do best, while INCo does the rest’. It’s a formula that is already working for many leading and emerging IT suppliers and consulting firms.