New business sales. Overhead or investment?

Many IT and consulting firms (seeing this as a period when 'who sells, wins') are increasing their sales efforts to capitalise on future market potential. But will their investments pay off?

With at least some of these companies relying on increasing internal sales headcount to build their sales pipeline, INCo question whether that is money well spent.

INCo believe an outsourced sales model may get better returns and represent much better value than simply relying on in-house staff. The company bases its argument on four key points, as follows:-

1. Farmers and Hunters

Most in-house sales staff are naturally farmers. They are used to looking after big accounts, strengthening relationships, ensuring customer satisfaction and ensuring that clients will provide referrals to peer groups. What they aren’t so good at is finding new opportunities with new clients. It’s a specialist skill and it needs specialists to find and develop those sales leads. INCo staff are calling and emailing into the market on a regular basis. They are specialist, skilled hunters.

2. Inhouse vs Outsource

Hiring expensive sales people to find and develop sales leads is something that IT and Consulting firms have done in the past. What they find is that the return to effort is often small. Once the opportunity has been highlighted, then different skills are required to open up and develop the relationship (farmers and hunters once more). Meanwhile, those expensive sales people sit on their hands. Hiring a company like INCo means you only pay for the resources you need.

3. Specialists needed

It takes specialist awareness to begin to find important opportunities for IT and Consulting products and services. The higher up the organization you target, the more your people need to talk about current business issues rather than technology features, solutions rather than products. Training your staff – who have focused on features and products - to do this will be difficult. INCo staff have a continuous education programme to keep on top of the issues of the moment. That knowledge is a key part of their telemarketing success.

4. A win/win situation

The INCo service works because it provides value to both client and potential customer of IT and Consulting products and services. Clients receive properly qualified sales leads and opportunities. Customers receive good advice on potential suppliers with the skills, market knowledge, products and experience that they are looking for.

Gaining new business can be a long and time consuming process. Using the right specialists at the right time can help companies find and qualify opportunities outside their normal sphere of operations. This is especially true for companies who need to be in touch with 'C'-level executives.