As IBM reaches 100, what can we learn from a century of change?

IBM is celebrating its 100 year anniversary this year, and as the Economist magazine points out in its coverage of this unique event, IBM’s continuing success is due more to great customer relationships than innovation.

You can read more here: but the ups and downs of newcomers and others in the fast-changing world of technology point to two things. One is that to ride those waves of change requires an attitude that says innovation is not as important as integration. The second is that you must preserve client relationships at all costs.

The current wave of change in the world of technology is the move to cloud computing, and, because it means that it no longer makes economic sense for software companies and others to maintain client relationships solely through expensive and numerous sales executives, they are faced with a challenge. How can these companies emulate the IBM example in a world where a top-heavy sales model no longer works?

The answer for many is INCo and its out-sourced IT telemarketing operation.

Because INCo only do one thing – namely to find and identify sales opportunities – the service allows expensive in-house staff to spend more time nurturing the clients they have, rather than searching for new ones.

Sales executives make the most of their time. INCo covers off the need for expansion and new clients.

Read more about the INCo sales lead generation service in this website, or get in touch if you would like more details.