Why telemarketing at C-level is a specialist business

Due to the increasingly complex hierarchies of the largest firms in the UK, and the multifaceted layers of corporate accountability within the subdivisions of these organisations, identifying those with responsibility for specific functions can be an arduous task. This is why no one investigative method will provide all the information necessary to effectively map through these organisations, and target key decision makers on specific issues.

There is, quite simply, no substitute for continuous contact. But how can companies find the resources or the manpower to do this?

Better perhaps, to out-source this activity to a specialist supplier like INCo. INCo is a specialist business that is constantly cultivating techniques to define these decision makers and budget-holders within the FTSE 100, 250, and other markets.

INCo has successfully engaged with C-Level executives, at the vast majority of the UK’s blue chip companies on campaigns for consulting firms, confounding predictions that this is a market that would not be touched by telemarketing and similar techniques. Qualified sales leads have been identified for a wide variety of business issues like M&A activity, Cost Reduction , Process Optimisation, Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, System Replacement, Strategy Creation and Alignment, Back Office Improvement and Sourcing Advisory Services to name but a few.

A vital aspect of INCo’s success in building a pipeline for clients across multiple industries is the firm’s ability to identify issues that are relevant to the target business. The most pertinent information is gathered from decision makers themselves so obtaining a description of their responsibilities along with their immediate priorities can greatly assist our clients in terms of positioning their value proposition according to the prospects needs.

Often, these C-Level contacts will have so many areas of responsibility that it is important to identify their primary focus area prior to any discussion, otherwise you are leaving too much to chance and piquing their interest becomes more of a lottery than a calculated focused sales process.

The obvious starting place, before speaking to the decision maker, is to use the internet to source information, and INCo has several long established methods it deploys in this pursuit before calling begins. PA’s and EA’s are also a particularly important source of information. INCo has proven methodologies for engaging with people in these job roles, and establishing effective relationships with them.

Market awareness, and in particular knowledge of the prevalent industry issues, (and where possible the on-going concerns of the business in question), is necessary prior to engagement with the contact. Recognising that a retail business has a focus on developing their multi-channel strategy, for example, allows INCo to position its client’s service offering and engagement history in this area, knowing that it is likely to strike a chord with the audience.

Understanding the regulatory concerns of financial institutions will prompt discussions surrounding Information Security, data protection and regulatory risk. INCo consultants are constantly studying press and trade journals in order to ensure that they are fully aware of any information that could be utilised establish and maintain dialogue.

As with any sales campaign, a high volume of calls on a consistent basis is necessary to maintain the volume of conversations necessary to generate the market insight and sales opportunities that INCo delivers to its clients. This specialist commitment, coupled with the proven lead generation methodologies of the firm, (and INCo’s reputation for meeting clients’ expectations) is reflected in the rapid growth of the consultancy arm of the business.