IT and Consulting Companies need to reconsider how they deploy sales resources

Starting a telemarketing campaign requires careful planning – as Angela Kane’s earlier articles in this blog explained. More than that though, a telemarketing approach often requires a change of attitude on the part of sales staff, especially when they have been used to chasing high-value orders from blue-chip corporates.

Telemarketing in the IT and management consulting world is about establishing conversations - probing a company’s IT aspirations, priorities and technology roadmaps. At a higher level – the level dealt with by ‘C’ level executives – the conversations must revolve around the business issues confronted by companies in that marketplace.

In the changing world of IT sales, sales staff are often geared to a sales process that consists largely of a complex series of presentations that cover in-depth technical capabilities, future development goals, ability to meet and exceed functionality targets.

Of course, these capabilities are still required, but more and more often, they mark the end of the sales process, and not the beginning of it.

The advantage that INCo bring to IT and Consulting firms is the ability to find sales leads early in the sales cycle, and often to find them in higher volumes than an in-house team. The very successful INCo process forms a middle ground between traditional marketing programs and the corporate sales force, and creates an effective bridge between a company and its target markets.

INCo offers three types of service – bespoke sales-lead generation, a subscription service designed to get companies to feature in short-lists for sales, and a high-level telemarketing service that can help to prime the sales pipeline for the long-term.

You can read more about the INCo service on this website or find out more by contacting INCo directly.