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Connecting with your market – how INCo is helping technology and management consulting firms target retail banking opportunities

May 2011

Retail Banking – it’s all about achieving Customer Centricity

Forward-thinking banks and financial institutions are recognising that their next big challenge is to become truly customer-focused. Better understanding of customer needs and analysis of customer behaviour will be the foundations for a more positive brand experience and increased customer loyalty. Ultimately, it will be this that drives future profit and competitiveness.

INCo is already working with technology companies selling into the Financial Services sector, helping them to engage with potential customers through a better understanding of central business issues. For retail banks, the key issue right now is how to achieve customer centricity.

“Our continued contact with the finance market is showing that a growing number of banks are keen to understand how key operational challenges can be addressed in order to build a more effective customer relationship strategy and become more customer centric,” said Nims Kalsi, a Business Development Consultant for INCo’s Consulting Services Division.

INCo is helping its clients to engage with budget holders in retail finance in a number of key areas, such as managing customer information more effectively; integrating and coordinating multiple channels serving the market; and improving the efficiency of core operational processes driving the business forward.

“This is just one example of how INCo works to build sales pipelines, developing an understanding of the fundamental issues within key vertical markets and helping clients to position themselves appropriately to resolve them,” added Nims Kalsi.