INCo campaign director, Angela Kane, explains how the experts go about telemarketing. Part two of three.

Campaign Data - Get in position to contact the people in your target market

You probably already have some market data – the names and addresses of companies in your target market, but when you look at this, you need to be sure that the data is both up-to-date and accurate.

INCo recommends you spend time making sure the company information is correct and fits your target market, but don’t get too preoccupied with sourcing relevant contacts. It’s hard to source accurate contact names from a data broker as people change jobs, get promoted, move offices with reasonable regularity. Also, the type of person you are trying to target may not necessarily be defined by an straightforward job title such as ‘Finance Director’ or ‘IT Manager’. One of INCo's strengths is our skill in mapping through organisations and identifying the most relevant contacts for any IT or consulting sales lead campaign. We aim to build-up contact names, e-mail addresses, DDI etc. as the campaign progresses.

You also need to be sure that you have enough data. If your market criteria only provide a small number of contacts, you need to think about extending your search criteria.

If you need more data, go to a reputable supplier, and make sure your selection criteria are possible!

INCo works to provide IT and software companies with properly qualified leads using bespoke telemarketing campaigns. Every campaign begins with this three-stage process.

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