INCo campaign director, Angela Kane, explains how it should be done. Part three of three

The final details

Part three of your plan involves sorting out all the other critical details.

· Developing the Elevator Pitch: What is the hook that’s going to get the attention of a decision-maker? What’s going to grab attention in the first critical 30 seconds of the call? Is the message pitched at the right level?

· Marketing Collateral: What marketing collateral do you have to support the campaign message?

· Training: What direct training can you provide that will help with telemarketing people sound knowledgable and answer questions?

· Lead Close: You need to decide how far you need the telemarketing consultant to take the lead (e.g. close for phone call, sales appointments, web demo)

· E-marketing: Can you integrate e-marketing with the telemarketing campaign to enhance and support the telemarketing activity?

Once you have all this in place, you're ready to implement! Of course, a professional telemarketing company like INCo can help you plan your telemarketing campaign so that you are generating sales leads in the shortest possible time.

INCo works to provide IT and software companies with properly qualified leads using bespoke telemarketing campaigns. Every campaign begins with this three-stage process.

If you would like to know more about the way INCo works – and the effectiveness of the campaigns it runs – contact Angela Kane at