INCo campaign director, Angela Kane, explains the importance of planning in any telemarketing campaign. Part one of three.

Your Target Market

Step one to planning for telemarketing success is to identify your target market.

It could be that you just need to target an industry sector; more likely though is that other factors will come into play. Geography could be important. (If you are only selling with a 100-mile radius of Birmingham, companies in Newcastle won’t be of interest).

Then there are other criteria – company size in terms of people, company size in terms of turnover, or the specific vertical sector they are involved with. It may sound obvious, but doing your homework on issues like this is important and necessary in order to get the best return.

Another good approach is to look at where you have a track record already established. What are the common factors shared by the companies where you have already been successful? Building up a customer profile can help make selection of new targets much more relevant and much more effective.

INCo works to provide IT and software companies with properly qualified leads using bespoke telemarketing campaigns. Every campaign begins with this three-stage process.

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