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Telemarketing for FTSE 250, C-Level Executives – generating high-level opportunities for a sales pipeline

March 2011

High-level opportunities? Why can't telemarketing work?

Some organisations have been hesitant to attempt telemarketing to C-level executives as part of their business development strategy. The perception is that they are difficult to reach, and are not likely to be receptive to such an approach.

Although this can be true, telemarketing can still be a very effective method of communication with this audience, but you will need to consider factors such as appropriate messaging and the creation of relevant email templates to support the campaign. When carried out appropriately, telemarketing to this audience is a very reliable way to generate strong qualified sales leads for your firm.

Creating an Appropriate Message
Keep in mind that C-level contacts are primarily concerned with the overall business picture and the organisation’s bottom line. Given their high-level view of the business, the messaging most likely to connect with them will be entirely different from that which will have immediate relevance to a manager or divisional director level contact. The primary purpose of any contact has to be to demonstrate the impact a product/service can have on their organisation as a whole. Topics like proving ROI, alignment of operations/infrastructure to the overall company strategy and supporting business growth are more likely to be of interest.

Back up the Message with Relevant Email
An integrated email strategy is essential when telemarketing C-level executives. It is often necessary to provide further information before gaining access to the executive, or after an initial discussion to cement their interest before securing the meeting you need. Keep the message as brief as is possible, make sure it is focused on business benefits rather than how your product or solution works or how it will transform operational detail. The C-level contact is only looking at how your offering in terms of its ability to assist them in achieving their business objectives.

INCo is working with several clients to help them establish and maintain this level of contact with the market, and can point to significant sales successes. For more, email