Market intelligence, another reason to choose the INCo subscription service

INCo’s sales development consultants are contacting companies and qualifying opportunities in the UK marketplace every day. The job is all about collecting knowledge, finding companies who need to source new software and IT products – from ERP to Payroll, from Business Intelligence to Document Management.

Not only does this provide BANT-qualified sales leads to those who subscribe to the INCo service, it also provides in-depth, up to the minute market intelligence too.

“When the move to Cloud Computing started to gather pace, we anticipated it and discussed it with our clients,” said Fraser Brown who manages the subscription service operation at INCo. “We’re able to give realistic estimates on developments in terms of other priorities too – things like Infrastructure as a Service or how much a need to reduce carbon footprint is fuelling a need for change.”

INCo’s primary business is of course producing BANT-qualified sales opportunities for its diverse portfolio of authors and VAR’s, but the depth of market intelligence available is a valuable additional benefit.