INCo is helping companies shift to volume sales

For years, software companies have employed teams of highly rewarded salespeople to find and develop new accounts, on the basis that big license deals with big companies would generate good returns for years to come.

Now, with the success of Cloud Computing, it’s time for software companies to think again.

Even the biggest potential buying companies out there now want software, not as a commitment, but as a service – one that will help them achieve desired levels of functionality, without the resource-heavy, lengthy, costly implementation footprint. Organisations are now able to treat software in the same way as they treat mobile telephone contracts, and they like the flexibility they can achieve through the Cloud model.

According to Chris Mercer, who is Subscription Services Director at INCo, software companies are having to respond quickly to the swelling demand from their clients for cloud technologies, INCo - who every day make in excess of 1000 calls into the market to ascertain current and future demand – deliver real time market intelligence with respect to buying trends/demands from the end user.

“When software companies need to take cost out of their sales model, we can help smooth a potentially difficult transition. They need to find qualified sales leads in volume and at low cost. And that is precisely what the INCo service does. When they find that their big orders aren’t happening, they come to us.”

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