Some sales directors seem to think that hiring INCo is an admission that they aren’t always quite doing their job, but in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

INCo functions as a complement to an efficient sales team, working on one precise aspect of the sales cycle – identifying and qualifying future prospects.

A sales team always has to consider the whole cycle, and has to work on everything from the way a company presents its case to ensuring that the sale is closed effectively. They often have existing clients to manage and develop, forecasts to prepare and referrals to handle. When these priorities have to be dealt with, prospecting sometimes takes a back seat, and that’s where INCo comes in.

INCo’s single focus is on finding and qualifying sales leads – the sales opportunities that will carry your business into the future.

If that is what you need to succeed, get in touch with INCo, and find out what we have to offer!