One company that knows it does is Kurt Salmon UK and Ireland Ltd.

Kurt Salmon, who were previously known as Ineum Consulting, have a long and fruitful relationship with INCo whose method and skills have been essential in helping Kurt Salmon open up new sales opportunities.

Neil Ritchie from INCo explains the nature of the task as follows. “We work to align the Kurt Salmon practice expertise with the relevant functional executives (CFO, CIO, COO) within target organisations – companies within the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 - to ensure that a value proposition is presented, and enabling a meeting to be secured.”

The INCo method (of which more soon) is always systematically applied, and has been proven at all levels within the enterprise. INCo expects more IT and consulting companies, and others whose success is dependent on high-level sales, to be exploring possibilities with INCo very soon.