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At INCo we have a shared vision for success; to assist IT and Professional Services organisations to grow their business by deploying a unique blend of Direct & Digital Marketing and Inside Sales skills.  All organisations need a consistent flow of new business sales leads. Everything Team INCo does is geared towards achieveing this result. Our Clients’ business growth is our focus, and our role is to design, create and execute campaigns that engage our clients with active sales cases and new prospects. Our different teams colloborate to ensure we deliver successful campaigns for our clients, and in turn the growth and success of Team INCoCheck out some of our lovely people below and why they are valued within INCo:


The Management Team


Neil Ritchie

As one of the founders of INCo, Neil has led the business since its launch in 2003. Neil is passionate about helping INCo’s clients identify and engage with new prospects assisting them build and grow their business. Prior to INCo Neil had a successful sales career selling ERP, BI & CRM Solutions and the associated consulting services. As CEO Neil’s main focus is on ensuring INCo’s People and Clients are successful and developing the business growth strategy.


Lauren Walsh

Lauren brings an enthusiasm and first class people management skill set to running Team INCo which supports INCo’s biggest asset…our Team! Lauren has been with the business for over 10 years and has undertaken a number of key Client facing roles such as Campaign Manager. Lauren’s understanding of what Clients really want and having the ability to translate this across INCo’s Business Development, Digital Marketing and Campaign Management teams means you are in an industry leading safe pair of hands.


John Macleod
VP Sales - EMEA

John leads INCo’s sales function and brings to the role a detailed understanding of client delivery as a result of a successful period as INCo’s Operations Director. This detailed understanding of how to lead an Inside Sales function on behalf of INCo’s Clients places John in a unique position to assist Clients develop their new business campaign plans. An early adopter of HubSpot and key in the development of INCo’s Digital transformation enables John to consult with Clients across the full Direct & Digital spectrum.



Sarah Pringle
Head of Digital 

Leading INCo’s Digital Marketing Team from the front, Sarah Pringle brings a unique combination of creative flair with a firm focus on lead generation results. From Sarah’s formal education attaining a BA Hons in Marketing and Hospitality & Tourism Management combined with ever growing accreditations through HubSpot Academy, Sarah’s hunger to learn and understand what works in marketing is insatiable. INCo’s clients benefit from a pragmatic professional marketer whose strategy always finds the right balance between innovation and tried and tested tactics. 



Martin Cassidy

Employee Experience Manager 

INCo’s team of inside sales and marketing professionals is the lifeblood of our business. Martin brings energy, passion and enthusiasm to the role of Employee Experience Manager which spans across the whole business. Martin’s involvement in ensuring excellence throughout the INCo journey begins from as early as the recruitment process and continues throughout onboarding, training, and continual development. Martin is the life and soul of INCo’s social activities, incentives, events and award ceremonies.



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Our Teams:

Team INCo is comprised of three main business functions which are brought together to design, create and succesfully deliver our B2B Lead Generation campaigns:


Business Development

You will not find a more dedicated group of sales professionals. Led by sales managers and team leaders that empower our sales heroes to engage in a professional, knowledgeable and helpful sales approach that provides more value to the prospect than they could find online, and of course qualifies where they are in their buying cycle. With sales backgrounds in IT and Professional Services, INCo’s Business Development Consultants are absolutely a group of people that you want on your team! Whether from a cold start or following up an inbound conversion, the BDCs engage, educate, qualify and progress our clients' prospects, setting an appointment to discuss their needs and requirements.


Campaign Management

To survive as a Campaign Manager you need to be made of stern stuff. The role involves managing the entire campaign process from set-up stage right through to assisting our clients sales team enagage with the end-user prospects. Campaign Managers are your marketing managers within INCo. They assist our clients with marketing strategy, take all of the heavy lifting out of setting up a campaign, and work with the Business Development & Inbound Marketing team to make sure the correct blend of services are deployed to deliver a result that will delight our client. The Campaign Managers are tremendous project and account managers, keeping everything on track and looking for new ways that INCo can assist our clients in driving sales pipeline growth.


Inbound Marketing

Team INCo has all the digital skills required to take our clients' businesses online, with the ultimate goal of converting leads. Lead by an Inbound Marketing Strategist, the team has content marketing, social media, design, and SEO skills running through their veins. This vibrant team is different to every other Digital Marketing team INCo has ever come across, because one of their core KPIs is lead generation. Their goal is to support the Business Development Team get in front of even more prospects. All members of the team have a marketing degree background, meaning they are best placed for careers in digital marketing. The inbound marketing team assist our clients in optimising their current marketing spend, generating ROI and increasing your engagement with your buying market.


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