Inside Sales Team



Understand your key targets and engage with their decision makers

Contrasting to the traditional approach to sales; an inside sales team is one that has moved out of the field and into an office setting. With this definition the majority of all sales are now conducted in this manner and the numbers are continuing to grow.

As a team comprised of highly trained, adept sales people possessing acumen and ingenuity campaigns are delivered over multiple touch points and centred around highly complex value propositions.

INCo primary service offering is the skills and experience of a highly trained inside sales team. Each Business Development Consultant has a diverse skills set that includes sales technique as well as an unparalleled product and industry knowledge.

When considered for a client campaign each consultant is evaluated for their existing area of knowledge, previous campaign experience, and sales approach. Once the most relevant consultants have been chosen each undergoes campaign and client specific training. With this training each business development consultant is appraised on their knowledge of the client’s organisation, value proposition, and target industry verifying that only the highest of standards are maintained when representing a client in a sales capacity.

INCo has built a continuous program of support and development around the sales team; allowing each member to excel within their roles. As part of this program each consultant receives tailored training sessions directly from INCo’s clients; meaning that they are consistently receiving the latest industry insights and developments from leading brands within the IT and professional services sectors. With this superior level of training, each member of INCo’s team is proficient in engaging with prospects within the C-suite and management to convey cohesive brand messaging and deliver campaign results.



Multi-lingual Business Development Consultants

INCo has extensive experience working with global organisations and has successfully delivered international campaigns with its team of multi-lingual business consultants.

INCo has a wealth of language capabilities including but not limited to: English, French, Dutch, German, Polish, Hungarian, Spanish, Flemish, and Swedish. Many of INCo’s multi-lingual consultants are native speakers and therefore not only are they invaluable in delivering these international campaigns; but they also provide priceless insights into the culture’s and working practices within these countries.

In order to deliver complete consistency, INCo’s consultants often receive training in the language of the campaign. This ensures that the consultants are able to gain a firm understanding of language specific technical terms and phrasing; allowing them to engage in a natural and insightful call with a potential prospect.



Qualified Sales Opportunities

Qualified Sales Opportunities (QSO’s) are the primary output of INCo’s sales team. By engaging with a client’s potential prospects using their campaign knowledge a Business Development Consultant is able to qualify sales opportunities.

Using a pre-determined criteria set each consultant speaks with potential prospects from the relevant target audience; delivering brand messaging and determining their level of interest in further engagement with our client.

While interest is a key factor in the lead qualification process there are many other considerations to be made and are extremely client specific.  Qualification frameworks such as BANT have been in use for a number of years. However, INCo’s team have experiences in using a diverse range of qualification criteria which can include areas such as:

  • Budget
  • Authority
  • Need
  • Timescales
  • Geography
  • Turnover
  • Employee/user numbers
  • Next Steps

In many cases INCo is asked to ensure that there are clearly defined ‘next steps’ outlined in the qualification process. Depending on the nature of the campaign and the qualification criteria set these next steps are varied. When a client quests that a prospect demonstrates a highly specific level of interest in further engagement, INCo offers’ an appointment setting service. This is a managed process which secures an agreed upon date for a meeting or call in the diaries of all involved parties on behalf of our clients.


Quality Assurance

Once an opportunity has been found and qualified by a member of INCo’s inside sales team it is then submitted to the quality assurance process. Only once an opportunity has been legitimised by INCo’s Quality Assurance Manager is it then documented for the client. In this form the opportunity is passed to INCo’s Campaign Manager who finalise the process before delivering it to the client.

Each lead found by INCo undergoes a three step qualification process ensuring that the criteria set by the client is consistently met and therefor in line with the successful delivery of a campaign.


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