Direct and Digital Marketing:

An Integrated Approach to B2B Lead Generation



Are you struggling to grow consistent sales pipeline?


Combining your Direct Marketing and Digital Marketing activities is the only way to fully optimise your lead generation efforts. B2B lead generation should be a strategic and ongoing, long term initiative. Running many short term, Digital and Direct projects in isolation typically leads to low ROI on your investment and inconsistency in your sales pipeline. INCo follow a Direct & Digital methodology to get our clients in front of their buying markets; converting leads and closing opportunities to grow sales pipeline. 

Direct and Digital Methodology



Buying Cycle

This methodology allows you to engage with your target market profile at the optimum time, via the most appropriate marketing channel which resonates with your Buyer Persona.  

Sales & Marketing Alignment

A hybrid inbound and outbound marketing approach optimises Digital Marketing for lead generation and presents a coherent message, aligning sales & marketing, establishing credibility in the market.

Greater Visibility and ROI

With greater insight into performance, tangible ROI can be demonstrated and the sales team provided with invaluable intelligence to drive a customer-centric approach.

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Direct and Digital Marketing:

The Key to Optimising B2B Lead Generation


This eBook explores in detail the challenges faced by our clients and how INCo utilise a unique blend of inbound and outbound marketing to maximise lead generation efforts, growing ROI and sales pipeline.


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